Paging Groups

Paging Groups feature works similar to standard paging, except this feature allows you to organize extensions to multiple paging groups and assign unique number to each of them. As this feature is used with access code *600, paging group number is entered after the access code.

For example, if we assign number 961 to paging group and add 4 extensions to it, once we dial *600961 we will be able to broadcast the message over intercom to all the extensions added to paging group 961.

  • Group Name
    Paging group name
  • Number
    Paging Group number
    (ex.300, Once the user dials *600 + this number, all extensions assigned to this paging group will be paged)
  • Destinations
    Extensions associated with a paging group
    (ex. 102,103,105…)
    NOTE: Please bear in mind that the destinations limitation is 100 extensions.
    Edit the paging group configuration. (ex. Click to edit the paging group configuration) (Button)
    Delete the paging group from the system. (ex. Click to delete a paging group from the system) (Button)

Add/Edit Paging Group

Clicking on ‘Add Paging Group’ or ‘Edit’ will open the following options:

  • Group Name
    Unique Paging group name
    (ex. Set ‘Test Paging group’ here to create the same paging group)
  • Number
    Paging group extension number
  • Destinations
    System extensions associated with the paging group
    (ex. 101, 102, 103… Selected extensions will be paged)
  • Quiet mode
    Does not play beep to paged extensions.